What To Do When Someone Dies: A Legal, Financial, and Practical Guide (4th Edition)


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The fourth edition of What To Do When Someone Dies was written by Milton Berry Scott, an estate planning attorney with many years of handling decedent affairs. He is certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization of the California State Bar as a specialist in probate, estate planning, and trust law.

The book, which is 140 pages, 6x9, is divided into four major sections: Immediate Practical Concerns, Legal Concerns, Financial Concerns, and Tax Concerns. There is also a planning ahead section plus a list of information available on the internet.

Financial Concerns—A brief summary of the contents of one of the sections

There are financial concerns related to the person's salary, credit cards, social security, insurance, pensions, or benefits. While these often merge into the legal concerns covered in the section by that name, they are generally distinct enough to merit their own discussion.
  • Paying the Bills
  • Continuing Business After Death
  • Valuing Assets
  • Casualty Insurance for Assets
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Medical Insurance
  • Social Security
  • Retirement and Annuity Benefits
  • Credit Cards, Unpaid Salary, and Uncashed Travelers Checks
  • Lump Sum Pensions, Profit Sharing, IRA, and Other Benefits
  • Workman's Compensation Benefits
  • Life Insurance